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Cambridge English exams are accepted by over 13,500 universities, employers and governments around the world. The exams can open doors to higher education, improve employment opportunities, and because they are globally recognised, can increase learners’ choices for study or work.

Start dates

Cambridge First (FCE): 23 March 2019 (CB) : 09 April 2019 (CB) : 25 May 2019 (CB) : 08 June 2019 (CB) : 13 July 2019 (CB) : 22 August 2019 (PB) : 27 September 2019 (CB) : 19 October 2019 (CB) : 30 November 2019 (CB) // Cambridge Advanced (CAE): 11 June 2019 (CB) : 23 August 2019 (PB) : 05 December 2019 (CB) // (CB = Computer Based & PB = Paper Based) (Minimum numbers apply to all exams)


The computer based exam is usually delivered in one day and the paper based exam is usually delivered in two days: one day for Written Papers, and one day for the Speaking Test.

Hours per week


Levels available

Cambridge English: First (FCE), and Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE).


Cambridge Exam Fee (all sessions and levels): CCEL Christchurch $325 / CCEL Auckland $340: Certificate Courier Fee: $60


CCEL Christchurch and CCEL Auckland

Exam Format

  • CCEL offers paper based and computer based Cambridge FCE exams and paper based CAE exams.
  • The speaking test is taken face to face, with two (sometimes three) candidates and two examiners.
  • The FCE exam has 4 Papers: Reading and Use of English (1hr 15 mins), Writing (1 hr 20 mins), Listening (about 40 mins), Speaking (14 minutes per pair).
  • The CAE exam has 4 Papers: Reading and Use of English (1hr 30 mins), Writing (1 hr 30 mins), Listening (about 40 mins), Speaking (15 minutes per pair).

Important Dates

Please see below for our computer based and paper based exam dates. Please also download them here: (Course Information)

2019 Cambridge First (FCE) (Christchurch and Auckland)
23 March (Computer Based)
09 April (Computer Based)
25 May (Computer Based)
08 June (Computer Based)
13 July (Computer Based)
22 August (Paper Based)
27 September (Computer Based)
19 October (Computer Based)
30 November (Computer Based)

2019 Cambridge Advanced (CAE) (Christchurch and Auckland)
11 June (Computer Based)
23 August (Paper Based)
05 December (Computer Based)


Please register for a Cambridge Exam by reading the Cambridge Exam Terms and Conditions and completing the Cambridge Exam Registration Form, found here: (Course Information).

Return it by post, email, fax or in person to:
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