At a glance

This add-on programme enables you to gain the English language skills you need so you can confidently communicate in a child care centre environment in English. Through our partnership with the University of Canterbury (UC) we are able to allow our students to volunteer at a local kindergarten or early childhood centre in Christchurch.

Start dates

First Monday of every month (or Tuesday when a Monday is a public holiday)

Course length

4 weeks

Hours per week

1 day per week of volunteer work in a local child care centre + 1 hour per week of CCEL tutorial (booked in addition to your full-time course)

Levels available

Elementary and above

Course fees

4 Weeks: $250



What you will learn

  • How pre-school education system works in NZ
  • Typical processes and procedures of child care centres in NZ
  • Introduction to Health and education
  • Strategies and ideas for interacting with children
  • Child development and socialisation
  • Safety in and around a child care centre
  • How to deal with emergencies


Minimum entry levels apply. Placement in an add-on programme will depend on the level you are currently studying at CCEL. Students must bring a police check from their country. CCEL can issue letters requesting these if required. Students must enrol at least 4 weeks before the desired start date.


Add-on programmes do not follow a formal assessment structure.