Conditions of Enrolment

CCEL has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Ministry of Education. Copies of the Code are available on request from this institution or from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website here.


1.1 CCEL reserves the right to change course arrangements without prior notice.

1.2 The minimum age for acceptance on individual programmes is 14.

1.3 Minimum student numbers apply for all courses.



2.1 2016 fees include all taxes where applicable. Fees may be altered in certain circumstances e.g. a change in tax.

2.2 Fees must be paid in full, in advance, for the period of study requested on the enrolment form.

2.3 All fees are calculated in complete weeks and any part of a week is counted as a full week. No compensation is given for public holidays when CCEL is closed.



3.1 If this enrolment is cancelled in writing before 5:00 pm on the Friday (New Zealand Time) or (Thursday when Friday is a public holiday) prior to the nominated starting date, fees will be refunded except for the enrolment and homestay placement fees or 10% of payment, whichever is the lesser.

3.2 If this enrolment is cancelled in writing after the 5:00 pm on Friday (New Zealand Time) (or Thursday when Friday is a public holiday) prior to commencement and before the nominated starting date, fees will be refunded except for the enrolment fee, homestay placement fee, and 1 week homestay weekly fee (if staying in a CCEL homestay).

Once the course has started:

3.3 For enrolments of up to four weeks if the student withdraws within the first two days of the course, CCEL will refund 50% of the unused weekly tuition fees.

3.4 For enrolments of five to eleven weeks if the student withdraws within the first five days of the course, CCEL will refund 75% of the unused weekly tuition fees.

3.5 For enrolments of twelve weeks or more if the student withdraws within the first ten days of the course, CCEL will refund all fees except for NZ$ 500 or 10% of the unused weekly tuition fees, whichever is the lesser.

3.6 After the above withdrawal deadlines, CCEL will not refund any fees except for unused homestay fees.

3.7 We do not refund fees or give a free extension of the course if the student:

Arrives late for the course without notifying CCEL
Takes time off during the course (unless by prior agreement as set out in clauses 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3)
Leaves before the course is finished

3.8 We do not give extra weeks of part-time study in place of pre-paid fulltime study.

3.9 CCEL reserves the right to alter its refund policy in the event of a change to New Zealand legislation.

3.10 CCEL will notify Immigration New Zealand of students who withdraw from their course.

3.11 If CCEL requires a student to leave for not complying with the conditions of enrolment, we will not refund tuition fees if such requirement is after the first ten days of study.



4.1 CCEL complies with NZQA requirements to protect student fees. Student fees are not at risk in the event of the closure of CCEL.

4.2 All student fees are transferred directly to an independent Trust Account. After the applicable refund period stated in clauses 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5, 20% of tuition fees, or $3000, whichever is the lesser will be transferred to CCEL. The rest of the tuition fees will be paid to CCEL on a pro rata basis in arrears. This means that CCEL can only receive fees after students have received the tuition for it. The trustee’s contact details are:

Philip Gainsford
Chartered Accountant
7 Cicada Place
Christchurch 8042, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 942 2447



5.1 Students can take a maximum of one week’s holiday for each 12 weeks of study without loss of tuition. CCEL will not give refunds or course extensions for holidays over this allowance.

5.2 Students must give at least one week’s notice of the holiday request. If not, CCEL may not grant the request and the student will lose the tuition fees.

5.3 CCEL will only give extensions because of holidays on General English courses.



6.1 For enrolments requiring homestay or student residence accommodation, CCEL requires booking and payment to be made with a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice.

6.2 For homestay extensions, homestay fees must be paid at least 2 weeks before the new accommodation period begins. Payment must be in full, according to the amount on the CCEL invoice provided.

6.3 Failure to pay homestay fees in advance may result in loss of homestay booking.

6.4 If the student leaves CCEL homestay early, both the host family and CCEL must receive one week’s notice of the student’s intention to leave. CCEL will refund the balance of any remaining pre-paid homestay fees, minus any costs recoverable by CCEL.

6.5 Walking zone homestay in Christchurch and student residence accommodation in both Christchurch and Auckland are subject to availability.

6.6 Student residence accommodation is only available for students 18 years or older.

6.7 All CCEL student accommodation is carefully selected and monitored by CCEL staff, in accordance with the provisions set out in the Code of Practice.

6.8 CCEL requires a minimum of 1 week’s notice to change a homestay. A fee of $100 may be charged at CCEL’s discretion.



7.1 The student is expected to attend all lessons punctually and must comply with the conditions of his/her visa to stay in New Zealand.

7.2 The student must behave considerately both at CCEL and in homestay.

7.3 CCEL is committed to providing an environment for its students which is free from any form of discrimination, including discrimination on the grounds of age, race or colour, ethnicity or national origins, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religious or ethical belief, marital status, employment status, and political opinion. CCEL has a zero tolerance for discrimination and considers any form of discrimination to be unacceptable.

7.4 The student must obey the laws of New Zealand, including New Zealand’s driver licensing requirements and Road Code.

7.5 If a student fails to comply with these conditions, CCEL may terminate the student’s homestay and course of study. CCEL will notify Immigration New Zealand of any course termination.



8.1 Each student must have adequate medical and travel insurance. CCEL cannot be held responsible for any sickness, injury, damage or loss incurred (including loss of fees) within CCEL or on CCEL activities or tours.

8.2 Students must provide evidence of appropriate and current medical and travel insurance on enrolment. This insurance must cover the full length of time spent in New Zealand. CCEL will only accept overseas insurance policies with an English translation.

8.3 CCEL will keep a record of each student’s policy.

8.4 CCEL shall not be liable if the services we state we offer cannot be provided for reasons beyond our control.



9.1 If the student wishes to make a complaint, he/she should see the CCEL Head Office Principal. If the CCEL Principal cannot resolve the problem, the student may consult the Managing Director.

9.2 CCEL is a member of English New Zealand. If CCEL cannot resolve a student’s complaint, he/she can contact English New Zealand for help by visiting

9.3 CCEL is a signatory of the New Zealand Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. Complaints may be made to the New Zealand International Educational Appeal Authority.

Complaints regarding course delivery can be made to:

  • The New Zealand Qualifications Authority, PO Box 160, Wellington. Phone: 0800 QA HELP
  • International Education Appeal Authority (IEAA), PO Box 12083, Wellington. Phone: 04 462 6660, Fax: 04 462 6686



For immigration details, please contact the nearest New Zealand Embassy or Government Representative, or visit the web site


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