Coronavirus Updates

New Zealand is now at alert Level 4.

What Level 4 Means for New Zealand:

  • We must all stay at home.
  • All schools are closed
  • All non-essential business are closed
  • Essential businesses, supermarkets, pharmacies etc. remain open.

What This Means for CCEL:

  • CCEL Auckland and CCEL Christchurch campuses will remain closed until further notice.
  • Our teaching and learning is continuing remotely (‘online’).

How We Will Help Our Students:

  • During the NZ government required country-wide lockdown, CCEL will continue to deliver its programme to students who are enrolled.
  • This consists of all standard parts of our programme: course book work, eLearning, Communication Challenges and tests.
  • Students have CCEL course books as usual and are working with their teacher through this, remotely, using Zoom and Canvas.
  • Attendance and progress are checked as usual.
  • A CCEL staff member is contacting every student directly. This person will be able to answer any questions students may have. They will try to help our students in any way they can.

Important Contact Information:

CCEL Emergency Contact Number:

  • 027 226 4409

We are encouraging our students to use reliable sources of information including:

Specific Ministry of Health Useful Resources


This is a difficult time for us all. Please remember the advice of our Prime Minister:

“Plan how you’ll keep in touch with one another. We will get through this together, but only if we stick together. Be strong and be kind.”



CCEL Management Team